tee kaa talks

At tee kaa talks we value connection and strive to always provide excellent peer to peer services through innovative Conversation.


With this mission, peer to peer services are offered from tee kaa, of tee kaa talks.

tee kaa is a peer support specialist.  She offers individual peer support sessions for individuals in recovery, and group peer to peers sessions that allow groups of friends or strangers to come together for a guided conversation around recovery.   All services are being held virtually at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

to schedule a consultation or for more information please email us at heythere@teekaatalks.org


a note from tee kaa

hey there, tee kaa here.

I am a survivor of abuse and a person in recovery from mental health concerns. I am living recovery and advocating for understanding' in Illinois and all the places you will go! 
I have learned that almost anyone can come together and connect through a conversation.  Connection to others has helped me through many trials surrounding mental health concerns and trauma survivals; not only through literally keeping me going on rough days, but also allowing me to connect and hold conversations with many humans from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. Conversations, Connections and now tee kaa talks have added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share the magic of understanding. 
- lets connect and have a conversation, together!