After Session Shame

After Session Shame

In the moment during session there is the absent of shame because of the safe place therapy offers. However, after the session, when we're out of the safe place and we are replaying the session the shame comes

This is "After Session Shame." After session shame is common, and after session shame is valid. After session shame is similar to an "emotional hangover." Both are valid, and, both are not reliable sources to gain understanding of the event that lead to this feelings. The main events are powerful! Are real, raw, and authentic. After session shame creeps in hand in hand with judgement, and we know our own self judgement

can more than often be unreliable. Trust the process y'all. Trust yourself in the moment. Trust the session. Trust the authenticity. Trust your therapist and your therapy space. Trust your safe place(s). Trust your non-judgmental stance. Trust Self. Trust Yourself. Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust.

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