honesty speaks, tee kaa talks

Hey there, tee kaa here.

I'm over three years along my healing of the past and building for the future while in the present journey of recovery.  I found my voice three years ago, during the first weeks of May when I was in treatment.  I was taught there that I had a voice, and that I could use my voice to share my story, share my truth.  I also learned there, and just about every other center, facility, group and meeting that I have sat in during recovery that I can use my voice to share my story, but only parts of my story - the parts that will help others healing too, and not share other parts - the parts that would heal if only they could rise from the darkness.  Healing this darkness though, hinders other's light, thus being labeled as "triggers." and silencing my voice, our voices as our healing progresses.

I get it, I really do: we are all at different levels of healing, and the last thing we want to do is hinder one another's healing right?

And, let's please not let us stop healing further either though!

Everything I have learned in recovery can be brought back to three things: conversation, connection and.... coffee.

We have voices that need to be heard and stories that need to be shared!

- speak honestly and listen fully -

Let's connect on our own terms and have conversations around our own boundaries over coffee.

So, grab your coffee - some napkins as we talk about some hot topics, a stir stick to keep those emotions moving and not stuck, and join me for some healing, recovering, living and sharing!

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#honestyspeaks #createthetalk #bekind #bereal

Be prepared for:

Child abuse



Sexual assault

Sexual abuse


Body image


Eating disorders

Domestic violence 

Self harm











...and more

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