Introducing angelfishface

Introducing angelfishface

I am excited to announce that tee kaa talks is welcoming a few new contributors to our blog, website and facebook page. It has been a dream to carry this initiative as far as it can go, and then farther, and have a limitless amount support and following.

jacelder, who you met in "stigma sucks," Signe, who you met in "introducing Signe", and now, angelfishface, are the first contributors helping to make this initiative explode!

To get to know angelfishface, we asked her some questions:

As a mental health advocate, what is the most common thing you want others to know about mental health?

We are vibrant members of society.

What mental health conditions and other tough topics have you dedicated your advocacy and conversationalist effort to?

Social and emotional learning,inclusion, SIBS: Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters support group to those with siblings that have disabilities

Why do you think there is a stigma associated with mental health conditions?

We live in a world where we can easily compare ourselves to people that seem to have it all. When someone else shows they are vulnerable that is less appealing.

What advice do you have for anyone who is too embarrassed to talk about tough truths?

Talk to whom you are comfortable with;it can either be an anonymous post or with a trusted confidant.

How can people support people who are sharing their authentic selves through conversations?

Using "I statements " as an example, "I feel like journaling helps me organize my thoughts." This helps you just listen and be non-judgmental. How do you define vulnerability?

Admitting that I need help. Telling as many people that can benefit about this harrowing journey.

How can people support people with mental health conditions?

By remembering that your loved one is in there somewhere;try to engage them as much as possible.

What do you wish others knew about mental health?

Having a mental health issue does not equal laziness.

How do you define humility?

How do you stay Humble?Knowing that I did not get to success myself. I stay humble by staying grateful.


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