Where '21 went

hey there, tee kaa here!

so.... it has been a while, since April to be exact... APRIL! my oh my, I have not a clue how that happened.

Many things happened in the past year, and I want to take a moment to highlight. SO here goes:

In January, Brookee, my 18 year old alter personality shared her story on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day via a blog on this website. She shared it in the most non-triggering, and still authentic and full as she could, and I have never felt prouder to be apart of a system.

I also received a promotion in January. I went from revamping the Substance Use Prevention Program at Alternatives with my fellow Substance Use Prevention Specialist to creating a new position as a Resource and Care Specialist that helped to mainstream and organize the intake process for the behavioral health team at Alternatives. This position allowed me to use my creativity along with my leadership skills, and I LOVED it!

I was also interviewed and was invited to be a volunteer social worker at a summer camp for youth ages 7-11 who were in the foster care system. - Y'all! I was warned that the opportunity with Royal Kids Camp was going to be life changing, and I NEVER would have imagined just how life changing it was. The week was long - filled with meltdowns and fits, love and compassion, games and activities, mosquitos and sunshine, tears, so many tears and laughs!

I landed a job that is like a dream for me - Alumnae Coordinator at Timberline Knolls, the treatment center that I sought treatment at in 2015/2016. With this job, I have been able to meet people in the residential and php levels of treatment, welcome them into the alumnae community and provide continued support for them. We started to host graduations from the programs that fuel as a welcome to the alumnae program. I run groups on lodges (the different units), share my story and set platforms for other to share their stories, run support groups for continued care and other mentoring activities for those in early recovery. Basically, everything I do in my free time to maintain my own recovery and help others manage and maintain theirs, I now get paid to do. They say, if you find a job you love you never have to work a day in your life again. It has not felt like work, it's felt like life, and I am loving this life.

As I gained a dream, I let go of one too... My dream of living in the the city of Chicago, came to an end as the year wined down in the middle of November. It was a hard, and very adult choice. With the new job, more time was spent on the road driving than being home with Winston, my pup, and that was not okay for me. So we packed up one dream for another and moved back to the burbs.

In 2021 I stayed safe - from broken bones and COVID-19. I went to support virtual support groups and continued with virtual and in person therapy.

I discontinued treatment with my dietician, because I was in a place where I no longer needed the service (I like graduated from outpatient services, because apparently people do that). Two months later I also discontinued the dietician ran support group because I was no longer in need of that service either. I started seeing a therapist only once a week and went THREE months between psychiatry appointments, who also gave three months worth of refills at one time to me. This blew my mind. There was a time when I saw a psychiatrist twice a week and was only allowed to have a 7 day prescription at a time. I also continued to take my medications daily, and was able to discontinue two long term medications for anxiety and depression, (UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MY DOCTOR).

I bought Winston a toys, treats and clothes, while also buying myself new books and a new Kindle. I also bought my first -brand new- living room and dining room furniture.

OVERALL, I DREAMED, LIVED, and RECOVERED this year. and I plan to continue to do all three in this next year..... will you come along with me? (I promise to blog more)

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